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Off Topic / Re: Direxions 2024?
« Last post by Ken Sproul on Today at 04:55:12 PM »

I forwarded the email to you.
Hope to see you there!
Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
« Last post by Len Vassos on Today at 11:15:36 AM »
Thanks to everyone for your input.  We appreciate hearing from our customers and want to learn more about how we can support our customers roadmaps with enhancements and modernization of the language.  Our goal is to ensure that PxPlus is providing our customers with the tools they need to build and maintain their applications now and in the future.

As it relates to training materials, we understand that training new employees is a priority for our customers. We are currently reviewing all training materials and will be making them accessible soon.  This will include updated training manuals, previous DireXions presentations and “how to” tutorials. This is only the beginning as we continue to build our library of training materials.

Programming / Re: *obj/GoogleSheets won't open spreadsheet
« Last post by pwhirley on Today at 09:18:33 AM »
Thanks again, Devon.  I am trying to authenticate with a service account, which does not have a client ID and secret.  It has a bunch of other values to pass in.  Those two elements only apply to a regular login.  Every example I've found in other languages for logging in with a service account use the Google-Auth library, which isn't available for PxPlus.

Knowing the the OAuth2 object is available for me to view is good.  I will investigate that route.  If I can use that logic to separately authenticate with a service account I can then use the returned token to instantiate the GoogleSheets object.  That will work nicely.

Programming / Re: *obj/GoogleSheets won't open spreadsheet
« Last post by Devon Austen on Today at 09:13:47 AM »
Are you trying to login to the Google Sheets object using the service account credentials (i.e. client id and secret)?

If the issue is during login() then you can already access that code. The *obj/GoogleSheets object uses the *obj/oauth2 object for authentication with oAuth2'Service$="google" set. The code for *obj/oauth2 is visible so you can walk though it and modify it. The object does call a oauth2 agent that runs on a web server this is by default pointing at one we run on our server but you can point it at your own copy and we provide the code for our version in the lib *web/services/oauth2/agent. More info about that object can be found here: https://manual.pvxplus.com?utilities/obj_oauth2.htm
Programming / Re: *obj/GoogleSheets won't open spreadsheet
« Last post by pwhirley on Today at 08:37:08 AM »
Thanks Devon,

I had figured that out and have read the same article.   The solution, of course, is to use a "service account", which is a much better option, anyway.  Sadly, the PxPlus Google Sheets interface doesn't seem to support access with a service account.  I have written a Python script to read the spreadsheet and save the necessary content to a file so that my PxPlus program can pick it up.  It's awkward but it works.

What are the chances I could get the password to the PxPlus programs so that I could copy them and enhance them to use the service account JSON file.  I'd much prefer to keep everything in PxPlus rather than using Python or C#.

Thanks - Phil
Programming / Re: *obj/GoogleSheets won't open spreadsheet
« Last post by Devon Austen on Today at 08:11:43 AM »
When you setup Google sheets API access that has granted you access to your spreadsheets but not to spreadsheets created by others and shared with you. So you can only access your own sheets via *obj/GoogleSheets.

This is a Google security decision and not up to us at PVX Plus Technologies.

If you want to access this shared spreadsheet via *obj/GoogleSheets then you need to have API access to that shared spreadsheet. Here is a article I found discussing this issue with some ideas.


Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
« Last post by jhendrickx00 on June 18, 2024, 06:28:21 PM »
Hi I'm in the process of finishing a PxPlus book, my native language is spanish, but using some help I'm translating it to english, it have 350 some pages and covers mainly NOMADS and  the programming (the CONSOLE programming) too. If everything goes fine... I think in a couple of months will be available. The content would be entry level (perhaps some mid-level topics); but it won't be an 'encyclopedic style' or a book with some of the 'super-clever' approaches of Mr Mike King (hope some day I can use some of the his great routines in the book!); instead is an user frendly (and simple) approach to learn and use PxPlus.

About the OP: Why use Pvx/PxPlus? Some years ago (5 or so) we felt the need to explore other solutions/languages, and tryied some: Embarcadero, Phyton, and other frameworks; they are great, but in a couple of months, we found working in some stuff that was 'automatically' done in PxPlus or taking 2 weeks to finish tasks (in others languages) when we could finish in PxPlus in a couple of days. Also, we didn't like the need to use several tools: Database, Language, Designer, Data Base Query and so on ... in PxPlus we focus in just one tool. The 'final' point is the easy approach (in many cases) to solve certain tasks; a customer ask for a report involving several tables, some calculations and similar to an already done report, we copied the program, made the changes and the customer have the report for the next day! Later we optimized it, but the answer was fast!

Jean H//
Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
« Last post by Peter.Higgins on June 18, 2024, 04:35:09 PM »
A client just hired an excellent BBX programmer who picked up PVX like he sleeps with the manual under his pillow.  The languages are very simual, but the file system, Dictionary and Nomads are all far simpler than the BBX versions. 
A bonus is java as that skill is requred for BBX gui.
He seems pretty happy with the change.  There are no major users of BBX left so its hard to find work in it.  I spent a year and a half in BBX and learned things about PVX like string templates that are barely mentioned in PVX.
Python seems to be the closest language to PVX but has 60 string functions covered by the 6 PVX ones and doesn't have a comparable object model.  I'm not a fan of libraries.  If it did I problably would have switched.
Object Nomads is absolutely great for moving all logic out of the nomads files.  Grids are so much easier to maintain with an objects for load and interface, business and file logic with only the screen configuration and managment in the program. 
Off Topic / Direxions 2024?
« Last post by cwellis67 on June 18, 2024, 04:00:27 PM »
I thought I saw somewhere that there was going to be a Direxions 2024 conference this year in September, but I can't find any information at all on it. Is there going to be one?
Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
« Last post by cwellis67 on June 18, 2024, 01:06:56 PM »
Cedric said "Also, it's hard to seduce young developers to join the team since PVXPLUS has an old school approach that's really different to all the other popular "web based" technologies.  There's not a lot of documentation or info about the language that makes it hard for them to learn."

This is a very important point. We are in the process of hiring a new developer maybe, but they will not know PxPlus at all. Is there any type of training that new developers to PxPlus can go through to learn the language? The User Manual is a good reference, but is there something like "PxPlus for Dummies" type of documentation?
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