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Nomads / Re: tcb(31) in a validator
« Last post by ChrisKCAi on April 17, 2020, 10:19:07 AM »
Specific use case is that I want to know if the multi-line is locked when the user presses a function key (and fires off the validator program)
Thin Client/WindX / Re: Simple client over remote rdp not connecting sometimes
« Last post by MikeinFL on April 16, 2020, 06:23:58 PM »
Update.  Still need help with remote rdp's timing out connecting to PxPlus server.  Their network tech hasn't been able to resolve it and say they are running out of server resources but will be upgrading.

Here's what's happening. 

Server1 is PxPlus 2019 demo. 

Server2 is Windows 7 and has a Windx *ntslave shortcut on desktop that runs ProvideX on Server3 port 10000, and also a Windx simple client shortcut to run PxPlus 2019 demo port 4093

Server3 is ProvideX on Windows Server 2003

All run in virtual environment on Linux.

Several remote users have rdp setup by their tech to run simple client on server2.  Sometimes mystartpgm will not run and simple client times out.  But if before timeout I click on server1 desktop, it immediately runs. 

I'm also remote and their tech set me up a different connectiion using gateway.  The other remote users have rdp. I have not had the problem for 3 weeks.  I thought it was fixe but tested a remote rdp user today and they still have the problem. 

We already know the server2 cpu spikes to 100% briefly when simple client connects. Before, the cpu was always in the 90% all day long.  Then tech began nightly reboot to close stuck remote logins and that fixed my timeout using gateway connect.  But it didn't help remote rdp user.  I've asked tech to switch remote users to gateway since mine works.  But that's probably not the solution.

What I'm thinking is that server2 just can't handle having two client shortcuts that run to two different servers.   I've suggested another server just for the simple client shortcut, and they would do that but are out of servers to do so.

I was hoping to resolve this before moving them to PxPlus.  I put the customer on hold to pressure their tech to fix this problem first.  Although it may go away once they move off of server3.  Again, they say they are out of server capacity and will be upgrading.  They're having a problem with that at the moment.

The weird thing when I click on server1 desktop it does something to make server2 see it and simple client connects.  To me that doesn't seem to indicate server capacity. I'm not a network tech and don't know.  Especially with Linux underneath.  Maybe it's a setting in server1.  So I thought I'd ask you all again. 

Any suggestions?   Thanks
Nomads / Re: tcb(31) in a validator
« Last post by Marty on April 16, 2020, 06:02:29 PM »
You really shouldn't do anything with the control. You get the "User Defined Tag field" and the value. You can return an error if the value is invalid. You would process the error in the control when it is returned. Here is what the enter is: ENTER IN_DT$,ERR_MSG$,TAG$,OLD_VAL$,EOM_VAL$
Nomads / tcb(31) in a validator
« Last post by ChrisKCAi on April 16, 2020, 05:24:31 PM »
If user is in a multi-line that has a validator program associated with and the hits a terminator key [Enter], [F2],[F3], etc. can I rely on tcb(31) to return the value of the multi-line control inside the validator program? Is there a better way to determine that?
Language / rtf multi_line behavior change
« Last post by ksproul on April 15, 2020, 05:49:54 PM »

We noticed a change in rtf behavior between versions 12.50 and 15.10 when pasting a range of cells copied from excel.  The cells in excel do not have any borders.  However, in v12.50 the cells have borders after they are pasted into an rtf multi_line, whereas in v15.10, they do not.

While this appears to be a bug fix, it was also a nice "feature".  Is there anything we can do to bring this "feature" back (i.e. object properties, parameters, etc.)?

Language / Re: WINDEV with redirected printer
« Last post by James Zukowski on April 15, 2020, 04:40:48 PM »
Because I've got my home computer able to connect directly though the VPN to the server, having it print with a process that way works fine, too. It's just the RDP intercept that's causing the problems. And I don't think any of our normal user clients are set for direct-connect.

The other side of this is that we're still in the relatively early stages of migrating from character-based displays to graphical. Nomads panels with folders that have a lot of tabs, lists, etc. take longer to first display, due to the WindX back-and-forth. I've reduced those to a minimum, with "batched" loads instead of single-lines, but folks are still loathe to use the graphical programs in those situations (similar to our remote sites around the country). With the RDP connection to the PC in the main office, the server is right there, so response to those machines is FAST. The RDP updates are also fast to the remotes, so that's the preferred pathway at this time.

I'll explore some of the other options that have been presented, now that I know I'm not totally crazy with *WINDEV*.

Thanks for all your assistance.

Stay safe!
Language / Re: WINDEV with redirected printer
« Last post by jasonc on April 15, 2020, 04:25:25 PM »
I have come across this myself.  For me and my users, our problem is that our cheap home printers don't support the output sent to the printer.
Our Unform output is PCL5, which my home printer doesn't support.
To work around this, our users are printing to PDF on the RDP session.  From Adobe on the remote session, they then print to the "redirected" printer, which works fine.

I did work with another developer on this and he does have a laser printer at home that supports PCL5/6.  He was able to print directly to his printer from PxPlus, however, in order to do so, he had to set his printer up on his local PC to use the "HP Universal Printing PCL6" driver instead of the specific driver for his printer.
I haven't seen that with my own eyes, but fully trust what he told me.  I believe he was printing using *windev*, but I can't be positive.  My system does for the printer I was using and his system is set up very similarly.

I didn't pursue this any further because our users were content to print to PDF and then print from Adobe to their printer.
Hope that helps.  Good luck.
Language / Re: WINDEV with redirected printer
« Last post by Allen Miglore on April 15, 2020, 04:23:56 PM »
Cirrusprint is our companion product to UnForm.  It could provide a solution for remote printing.  If you'd like to check it out, please contract us offline at our support address (which of course you know...)
Language / Re: WINDEV with redirected printer
« Last post by James Zukowski on April 15, 2020, 04:08:17 PM »
The create-copy-print process is what I've been doing -- manually -- to test the process. This creates a problem, though, for UnForm output to local lasers.

Unless I'm missing something.
Language / Re: WINDEV with redirected printer
« Last post by Mike King on April 15, 2020, 04:02:22 PM »
The issue is we rely on the Windows printer drivers to forward the output and I don't believe Windows RDP supports that.

What might work is if you output to a file then copy the file to the PC and print locally.

Ideally you should try and get rid of using *windev* and switch to using *WINPRT* which interfaces with the Windows printer drivers as I'm not certain if raw printer redirects will ever be supported via RDP.

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