Experienced developer available for work - once again!

Started by David Miller, August 07, 2022, 08:45:29 PM

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David Miller

Once again due to corporate buyouts and reshuffles, I find myself looking for work,  I had been developing in PxPlus since 2006 through 2020 (laid off because of corporate maneuvering etc. etc.) and am experienced in coding and also developing in Nomads e.g.  I have also worked in Business Basic and Thoroughbred Basic since the early 90's. On the web end of things I have also developed in Javascript, VBScript, .asp and HTML.  I've taken training in other languages and am currently taking further education in Oracle SQL, some Linux etc.  After 2020 through till the present I've been working on another companies ERP system focusing on interfaces processing EDI PO imports.  I am currently looking for work so if you're interested then please contact me and we can go on from there.

Thanks - David Miller