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Registration and Setup / Re: PVXPLUS 12 licensing with FacetTerm - problem
« on: December 18, 2019, 05:52:27 PM »
Hello Mike,

SOLVED!   :)
Thank you so much for the speedy response and you gave me the answer I needed to solve the problem.
The /usr/bin/fct_info   was missing after the recovery.  I just restored it, ran tests and everything works perfectly now.  I really appreciate your help and the effort you put into helping people.  I can relax now that the users will be happy again.
I'm not touching the '1U' parameter now.  I was getting desperate and trying everything at that time.

Best Regards & happy holidays. 

Registration and Setup / PVXPLUS 12 licensing with FacetTerm - problem
« on: December 18, 2019, 04:40:56 PM »
I would really appreciate any comments or ideas regarding the PVXPLUS with FacetTerm.  We were running properly until we had machine damage and recovered.  We are running under LINUX (Fedora 31).  We had a drive failure due to water inside the machine and had to recover the data and programs. 

Everything works well, except for the license count for FacetTerm windows.  I must have missed something or messed up permissions somewhere.  It used to work before the recovery.

This is what I've looked at so far

In the profile:-
   export FACETTYPE=vt100

   SET_PARAM '1U'=0

When the FacetTerm windows start, they consume 1 license per window instead of 1 for the user.  When I look at the '1U' it is 1
   ?prm ('1U')

It did not keep the setting from the START_UP.  I verified that I was using the correct START_UP program entry.   I also tried using     SET_PARAM -'1U'
That didn't change either.
If I look at the FIN(0,"TRUE_TTY") I see entries such as /dev/pts/14 for the first FacetTerm window and /dev/pts/15 for the second, etc.

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