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James Zukowski:
Could there be a link in the documentation from the OPEN directive to the File Handling -> Processing Data Files -> Accessing Directory Files page, perhaps even to the Special Directory Processing paragraph...?

I use it enough to know what's there, but not enough to know exactly what is where.


Mike King:
Are you looking for a link in the Windows CHM or on the web site

If your want this on the CHM, simply find and display the page you want then in the left edge pane select Favorites.  At the bottom of the left pane you will find a "Add to Favorites" which will add the page currently displayed to the list of favorites.  Once added you can right click the entry on the favorites list and rename it to whatever you want.

If you are looking for a link to the Online manual, simply create a bookmark in your browser to:

You can find and create links directly to any page in by locating the entry you want in the left edge pane of and select 'Copy Link'.  The link that gets copied will display just the page (no left/right panes), but if you want the normal display with the two panes simply changes the /PXPLUS/ in the link to /?/

James Zukowski:
This is for the online manual, and it's something that a lot of people probably don't know about but would find helpful. I probably should have save "cross-reference" instead of "link".


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