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Mass comment out and uncomment in IT editor


Hi all,
It'd be neat to be able to highlight a bunch of lines and do some sort of keyboard command that would comment or uncomment those lines. This is very helpful in debugging massive programs and is a standard in most IDE's.

Thanks! :)

Devon Austen:
You can do this with the ED+ editor using the CTRL + / keyboard shortcut.

ED+ is built using the open source Ace Editor so most of the keyboard shortcuts listed here work:

Good to know! I'm just reading about the ED+ editor right now.

Is one better/newer than the other, or are they just different ways of accomplishing the same task and I should use the one I'm most comfortable with?

Devon Austen:
IT and ED+ are both good choices. ED+ is newer and was developed to provide a way that would work on the web and not just with Windows.

They both accomplish the same task and you can use the one that you are most comfortable with and you find the most useful.

You can also use both to edit the same file if you find there is a feature in one but not the other. Just use ED+ for the comment feature and do the rest of the editing in IT for example.

Thanks for the additional info!

(Can I still add this to the wishlist for the IT editor?  :D )


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