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Started by James Zukowski, June 22, 2022, 05:05:19 PM

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James Zukowski

Would it be possible to extend the capabilities of the SRT() function to include (1-dim) arrays? This would be useful when using dynamic arrays instead of *memory* files. Example:

New${all}=srt(Old${all}) ! String
New{all}=srt(Old{all}) ! Numeric

Optional parameter: Case-insensitive (1/0)
Very optional parameter: Dimension# to sort on (1-3)
Very very optional parameter: Reverse sequence (1/0)

Sorting 'in place' would be supported, e.g.: A${all}=srt(A${all})

Thanks for considering!
James Zukowski
Sr. Developer - J&E

Brand Industrial Services


You can use the associative arrays (hash arrays) that are available:

100 dim a
200 a["03"]=3
300 a["01"]=1
400 a["02"]=2
500 for i$ index a{all}
600 print a[i$]
700 next i$

running gives

I think of the hash arrays as just a simplified memory file. Although they are implemented differently than a memory file.

Loren Doornek

I've sorted string arrays using this logic.  The sort is all done in one line (line 40).  The rest of this is just setup for demo purposes.

0010 BEGIN
0020 LET data$="Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo,Violet,"
0030 DIM a$[1:POS(","=data$,1,0)]; READ DATA FROM data$,SEP="," TO a${ALL}
0040 READ DATA FROM SRT(REC(CPL("iolist a${all}"))) TO a${ALL}
0050 PRINT "Raw Data:    ",data$
0060 PRINT "Sorted Data: ",REC(CPL("iolist a${all}"),SEP=",")

James Zukowski

One of the primary intents is to add entries to a list, sort the list, and then load that sorted list into a list_box. Whereas the SRT() function can be used on a string list, I believe having it available for arrays would enhance the functionality of the language.

I have yet to use associative arrays. I've found dynamic arrays to be extremely useful. I'm not sure how well they would work in the intended process.

That's a real slick method, and I'll probably take advantage of it. I just have to remember it.

Thanks, all!

(Still 'dreaming' of the SRT() extension...)
James Zukowski
Sr. Developer - J&E

Brand Industrial Services