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Started by michaelgreer, June 21, 2022, 12:39:23 PM

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I need to run a "stand alone" application that, unfortunately, needs to have PVX running on a Linux box and accessed via Windx.  Can this be accomplished with a single user license.  I'm afraid the simple client server instance will use a license and then the Windx connection will use one. Is this correct or can I get by with one license?

Mike King

You can run a single user WindX on Linux -- just make sure when you start *plus/cs/host that you indicate the output and input are >/dev/null and </dev/null.  Plus you might include a -bkg option on the command line. 

Something like:

.../pxplus -bkg "*plus/cs/host" >/dev/null </dev/null

Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


Thank you.  I figured if Windows could do it so could linux but I didn't thing the -bkg did anything in linux.