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Increased Font Size within pdf file


Shilpa Purushothaman:
03643 PRINT (W0)" "
03644 LET L0=L0+1
03645 LET L$=PAD("Account ID:"+*****+"  "+*****,140,"C")
03650 PRINT (W0)'FONT'(FONT$,-8,"B"),'BLUE',L$
03670 LET L0=L0+1
03680 PRINT (W0)" "
03681 LET L0=L0+1
03690 RETURN

This is the code which I am using to print the Account ID and Account Name. When I increase the font size from 8 to 9 or 10 the alignment is getting collapsed. How do I do without any changes in the alignment could you please help me.

Devon Austen:
To have better control of the alignment maybe you want to use the 'TEXT' mnemonic which allows you to define a rectangle that the text is aligned within


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