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Error 99 in *plus/proj/pathinfo


Loren Doornek:
We have a client that is getting an error 99 in *plus/proj/pathinfo on PXP sessions that are running in Linux as cron tasks (ie: there is no Windx connected session).  It appears that this program is related to the TortoiseSVN functionality, but we have never used ANY of the SVN functionality.

The client system is running PXP10, and the line of code getting an error is: 0146 LET api=NEW("[lcl]*obj/winapi")   This line appears to require a Windx session to work correctly.  It does NOT get an error when our programs are run via a Windx session.  It only gets the error when a cron-based program is running.

This system is fairly old and has NOT been updated at all for quite some time, so we are really scratching our heads on why this problem would suddenly appear.  Our guess is that somehow, a program was added to SVN, and is now resulting in this error.  That's just a wild guess at this point, since we have no familiarity with SVN.  Our staff and some of the client staff do have access to PXP consoles, so it's possible that somebody fat-fingered something and turned this on. 

Anyone have any suggestions on how to determine if SVN was somehow turned on for a particular program?

Further info:
We have a utility program named "ischn", which is used for closing channels.  We call that utility program with a line label (ie: call "ischn;CLOSE") to close the open channels.  The error 99 is reported on that CLOSE line label.  So, as soon as that line label is hit, PXP ends up in /usr/pxp10/lib/_plus/proj/pathinfo at line 146, where the actual error 99 occurs.  The prior level program is line 264 of /usr/pxp10/lib/_plus/proj/pxdta

Jane Raymond:
Data files can be set to Convert to text for the Version Control system in Data Dictionary Maintenance. When such a file is changed by writing/deleting records, etc. when the file is closed it attempts to update its SVN source control version. The error you are experiencing is in the logic which determines if an SVN system exists. Could you please create a ticket on our HelpDesk for this issue so that we can better track it?

Loren Doornek:
Jane, that's it!  That flag was turned on for one of the files. 

Can we just turn that flag off and then update the file definition?

Then, how do I create a ticket on your HelpDesk?

Jane Raymond:
Yes, turning off the flag the flag and updating should work, but switching the flag will make it attempt to update the non-existent SVN version one last time.
The issue for me is that the error 99 should not have occurred, so I have to fix that.
Our helpdesk is at:

Loren Doornek:
Thanks for your help and explanations of this, Jane.  I've created a support ticket (687435) for your purposes, but the issue is resolved to our satisfaction  :D


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