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We are using version 1250 and WindX.
Our <F1> key fails to return a 1. Instead, we receive a value of 0.
Running a simple test input program, we get a 0 if using WindX.
However, any other emulator used and the <F1> key returns a 1.
This all began on Tuesday at 2 PM EST.
The "START_UP" program makes no changes to the <F1> key.
Please offer a solution.

0010 REM
0020 BEGIN
0040 INPUT (0)"Enter Something: ",A$
0050 PRINT (0)" CTL  ??"
0060 PRINT CTL,"  ",A$

Mike King:
That sounds like somebody may have changed the keyboard configuration.

If you run the system keyboard configuration (*UCK) while connected via WindX you should be able to confirm the setting for F1 

The default for F1 should be hex 000070


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