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Need a contractor for some part time work


jerry heisen:
Hello - I have a client in the mid-west who needs a contract programmer for Providex work. This client has no
IT department per se therefore the contractor will be responsible for Unix chores. They do have outside network
support but those folks do not have Providex or Unix skill sets. If  you are interested please contact me with a c.v. and
also what your hourly rate is. Work will be offsite.  Thanks, Jerry

mike motz:
Hi Jerry,
Not sure how to contact you, the email envelope is not showing on your post.
Have retired, but still actively programming on a site for pickleball stuff.
Can do contract/consulting, up to 2 days a week (Tue, Thu).
Have worked 25+ years with pvx (Providex).
Total of over 40 years experience with other flavours of basic (including pvx) and o/s`s (SCO Unix, Linux {RHEL, Cento7})
email:   cell: (705) 790-8140 (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 8:00 pm EST, for more information)
Thank you, Mike Motz


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