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*web/email stops when adding large attachments


Patrick Willems:
Pxplus 9.10

Since a couple weeks regular but not always on one server we experience *web/email stops when attachments of +4Mb are added.

It just returns 3} and seems to be still in the email program.

When typing : RUN and enter , it continues and mail is send successfull.

Even one time i tried to type : . and enter it also continues and send it successfull.

Any idea what can be the reason ? I did replace the program email already from another server, but problem still there.


mike motz:
when doing emails, i'm old school, and have full control over the email being sent.
my testing & debugging notes are within the program.
see attachment for full program "email9" hope it helps someone...

When at the 3} prompt, can you enter PRINT PGN and PRINT TCB(5) ?


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