Historical File Splitting (*obj\multifile.pvc)

Started by Jeff Wilder, April 16, 2021, 05:31:41 PM

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Jeff Wilder

I am testing the integration of the Historical File Splitting functionality into an existing application and have run into a couple of snags. I'm not sure if I'm using it incorrectly or I have found a bug in PxPlus 15.10.

First, when I set the key information as Ascending or Descending, reading the file with the SELECT/NEXT RECORD directive with a BEGIN and END value either returns no records or incorrectly starts at the beginning of the file no matter the BEGIN value. My file has a multi-segmented internal key which is ascending and made of column 1 and column 2 data. When I set the key information to None, the file behaves as normal. Perhaps I have just misunderstood how this i supposed to work. Maybe someone could provide a working example? I would like to take advantage of the optimization mentioned in the manual as these files will be quite large even when split.

Also, there are parts of the application which still require the BX parameter. (working to remove those)  When the BX parameter is on, the logic inside *obj\multifile.pvc breaks when using KGN or the key definition. I've got a hack to disable the parameter when using the multi-segmented file, but thought there might be an explanation or fix for this?

Thank you,