PasteFilter cannot be turned off

Started by bbssupport, December 09, 2020, 07:48:40 PM

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With version 17.1 It appears the new paste filter isn't working correctly - see attached image.
I also cannot turn the pastefilter option off system wide. I've tried:
PRINT 'OPTION'("PasteFilter",0),
PRINT 'OPTION'("PasteFilter","OFF"),
PRINT 'OPTION'("PasteFilter","DISABLE"),
SETDEV (0) SET "PasteFilter" TO 0
SETDEV (0) SET "PasteFilter" TO "OFF"

This is causing users must grief. How do we get this fixed?


PRINT 'option'("PasteFilter","0"),

works for me.

Mike King

By default the PasteFilter is off on ALL input that provide for multiple lines of input and takes the setting from the 'PasteFilter" option for single line inputs (default is on)

When I created a panel here with a multiple line high input and loaded the clipboard using:

CLIP_BOARD WRITE "Line 1"+$0d0a$+"Line 2"+$0909$+"tab"+$0d0a$+"Line3"+$0d0a$

If I then pasted this into the input I got three lines.

However we have noted that for some reason there seems to be a difference in "How" you paste the data.  If you right click and paste the filter seems to always apply, however using the keyboard paste CTRL-V the filter does not unless enabled.

We will see if we can determine the reason for the discrepancy.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


Hi Mike,

I was using CTRL+V so that might explain why I was experiencing the problem.

I also double checked PRINT 'option'("PasteFilter","0"), this morning to disable system wide and it had no effect. Perhaps this is because all our multi-lines (single line high and multiple lines high) have a visual class applied to them? I cannot see a way to disable the PasteFilter in the visual class or themes options though....