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Started by Jeffrey Ferreira, August 07, 2023, 11:29:15 AM

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Jeffrey Ferreira

Hi All,
I had an odd situation happen.
I do this thing where I first create record to make sure it exists before I extract it.
I got a dom on line 21027 and i cannot figure out why?
does anyone have any insight on how this could/might happen

20002 let MFIM01=unt; open (MFIM01,iol=*,rec=CF$)"MFIM01"
21026 write (MFIM01,dom=*next) ! Do Not Step On Record If It Exists
21027 extract (MFIM01,key=SALES_ORDER_NUMBER$,kno=0)


Is it possible the file is corrupted. I believe we had same situation a few years ago and rebuilding the file seemed to fix it

Jeffrey Ferreira

i guess it is possible. but it is such a small file. i did a keyed load on it and i'll check to see if it happens again...thank you

Mike King

Do you have any Unique alternate keys on the file.  If so then the write may fail with a DOM error due to the alternate key.

For example you might have a Order record with a primary key of order number, and a unique alternate of customer number and PO number.  If the customer/PO number were already on file you would get an DOM error of the write.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting