Auto Clicking Buttons and entering data

Started by Jeffrey Ferreira, May 11, 2023, 03:13:11 PM

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Jeffrey Ferreira

Hi List,
i have handled this different ways in the past and i'm wondering if someone has some input on a better way to handle it.
I have a gui screen that has been around a while. The client is giving me a file which is the input for the screen. But unlike something like Excel.Application there is no api for the screen.  Is there a better way to simulate the user clicking on buttons and filling out the fields than what i have done in the past which is to:

a.) fire off screen with some argument saying Auto Mode
b.) then go to a routine that will do something like this
  1.) Item_Number = passed in item Number
  2.) gosub item_number_changed
  3.) Quantity = passed in quantity
  4.) gosub quantity changed

thanks jeff


I preload data filtered by object then READ DATA from that into the nomads fields. 
If one or more objects are used, all the validation and bulk loading scope can be separated from the GUI interface.

The way I load files most often is to add a drop button or key field on the panel to load the list/file/spreadsheet into a grid with a test mode to indicate new/changed before update.