*web/sftp directory delimiters

Started by Peter.Higgins, July 21, 2022, 01:30:50 PM

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In a continuing battle to connect to a specific network I and being asked to add a trailing delimiter to the directory path.  This is stripped by the sftp program.  Is there a way to escape the final path delimiter.

Devon Austen

To better help you I would need to see the type of call you are making to *web/sftp. Make sure not to include any actual private info when posting the example i.e usernames and passwords.

What error are you getting and why do you think the delimiter is being stripped?

As far as I know the *web/sftp program does not strip any trailing delimiters off. In fact we often add a trailing delimiter if missing in the code. Our tool uses curl and it is possible it may be doing something but I have not seen any issues before.
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The delimiter editing is likely a curl thing.  I removed the *.* from /PO/OUT/*.* and the delimiter started disappearing in the remote log.  I added the escape /PO/OUT\/ from the earlier curl question this year which I did not find until after asking.  The remote network reported the path had the trailing delimiter with escape added, but still no joy.  Almost certainly the remote network's issue because the code works everywhere else we connect.