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Hello Jane,
Am I to understand this is the expected behavior for full screen drag over WindX? There is no way to correct this? It is very annoying to the end user and leads to problem. For example, if they release the mouse button and then move the mouse to the edge of the screen, the window may follow the cursor and disappear off the screen. Not good.

Thank you,
Hello All,
I am experiencing an annoying behavior when attempting to move a dialogue form with a custom (or no) title bar over a slower client/server connection such as a VPN. The WindX application appears to respond slowly in recognizing the release of the mouse button. As a result, the dialogue continues to follow the mouse for a second or two. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a system parameter or network setting which may alleviate this behavior?

I can reproduce the behavior on Windows 7 and 10 for dialogues with no title bar and a custom title bar. It occurs on my forms as well as the various PxPlus forms with a custom title bar such as the IDE, GUI, and Nomads Library Object Selector. I am using PxPlus and WindX 15.10 over a CS Host connection. This behavior does not occur on standard forms with the default Windows title bar.

Here is a short video showing the behavior on Windows 10:

Best Regards,
I have set %Content_Type$ and printed output to %PRINT_FN, but the web server continues to serve up a generic HTML page. I had never heard of setting EXIT_TEXT$. I just tried EXIT_TEXT$ and %EXIT_TEXT$ with no change.
I have a REST web service running under the PxPlus Web Server 15.10.0001. I would like to have custom content when the service responds with an HTTP error code. No matter what I try, the web server responds with the following standard HTML message after setting %Exit_Code=400.
        <title>400 Bad Request</title>
        <h1>400 Bad Request</h1>
        <p>The Requested URL is not properly formed.
Method: GET  URI:/restapi.pvp  ARGS:

How can i override this behavior to force a response with my own content? I tried adding a record to the *web\websrv.tpl with no luck.

My web service needs to respond with something like:
  "errors": [
      "status": 400,
      "code": 4077,
      "title": "INVALID FORMAT",
      "detail": "invalid query parameter format",
      "source": {
        "parameter": "date",
        "example": "2019-03-09"
I think the differences are because of the way Windows formats the structure data for display.  In Windows, a Product Version is made up of My understanding is that the Windows Installer ignores the private part. In this case, 15.0.1 or formatted as 15.00.0001.

From Windows Product Version
"Note that Windows Installer uses only the first three fields of the product version. If you include a fourth field in your product version, the installer ignores the fourth field."

From Windows FileVersion (.Net)
Typically, a version number is displayed as "major number.minor number.private part number".
A file version number is a 64-bit number that holds the version number for a file as follows:
The first 16 bits are the FileMajorPart number.
The next 16 bits are the FileMinorPart number.
The third set of 16 bits are the FileBuildPart number.
The last 16 bits are the FilePrivatePart number.

You just need to tweak lines 190-220 to format the numbers as Windows normally would.

Off Topic / Re: Hotel Software
December 12, 2018, 07:28:33 AM
Hello Scott,
Portfolio by Megasys Hospitality Solutions ( is a full featured PMS written in PxPlus.

Quote from: Devon Austen on November 28, 2018, 04:25:00 PM
Another possibility is that the PxPlus install or WindX plugin install was not done cleanly in a new directory but over an old version. This can cause issues like the one you are seeing.

Thank you Devon. You are correct. The install was corrupted with a missing locales folder. Restoring that folder from a fresh install appeared to do the trick.
I have designed a nomads panel containing a *Browser object. The object works exactly as expected when used in a local PxPlus process. However, when I connect to the same system via *CS/host using WindX, the same panel appears to lose its font setting. The text is extremely small. Even the text in the right-click popup menu is small. I am using PxPlus 2017. Can anyone point me to the cause of the problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,
Does anyone have an example of how to use the headers or postData parameters in the *browser BeforeNavigate2() event? I'm declaring them as an object, but they never contain data and setting the values appears to be ignored.

I have created an object using this example and have no issues using the url variant in this manner. Are postData and headers usable objects?

Best Regards,
Jeff Wilder
Programming / Re: WAIT FOR EVENT example - Error 49
July 18, 2018, 10:11:42 AM
Hi James. The ENABLE EVENT is inside the *systems.pvc SetTimer() function.
Programming / Re: WAIT FOR EVENT example - Error 49
July 17, 2018, 04:20:05 PM
Hello Mike,
Yes. I have reviewed that page. The events fire as expected. The problem is the "WAIT FOR EVENT" directive. When the program reaches that line, it produces an error 49, Internal program format error. Have I misunderstood the purpose of this directive? If so, how is it intended to be used?

Thank you,
Programming / WAIT FOR EVENT example - Error 49
July 17, 2018, 01:36:46 PM
Does anyone have an example of how to properly use the WAIT FOR EVENT directive? I can't find anything by searching the manual or the forum.
I have a program that sets up several events and should then sit and wait for one of them to occur. When I hit the WAIT FOR EVENT directive, I receive an error 49. (PxPlus v14.00).

Here are some very simplified examples which both fail on line 60:
0010 BEGIN
0020 DEF OBJECT s,"*system"
0030 s'SetTimer(5)
0050 ON EVENT "TimeOut" FROM s PREINPUT 101
0090 END

0010 BEGIN
0020 DEF OBJECT s,@(0,0,70,20),"Shell.Explorer.2"
0030 LET x=NEW("TestEvent")
0050 s'Navigate2("")
0080 END