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Hi YonMan,
Thank you for your reply!

The software is running on a RedHat Linux server, but all users are using Windex connections on their Windows 10/11 computers.
Hi all,
Has anyone worked with Oracle JDE DB2?  Looking for best and fastest way to read data from them and write to PxPlus files (Direct, etc...).. We currently use ODBC, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a better way.
Thank you!
Thank you!

I was hoping to find out  a way to generate quality reports when you work with NON-normalized files on PvxPlus.
Will do.. Thank you!!
Hi PvxPlus community!!
I have been wondering if there is a way to generate great quality reports using Pvxplus latest version.  In the past, I have created .JPG templates and then use these to output reports as PDF files, but have noticed the quality is not the best (maybe I am doing something wrong). 
Anyone has a better and different way?
Thank you!
Thank you, James!. 
We have already created a program to help us do this.  We just did not want to re-invent the wheel.
Thank you, Mike!
Thought that PVXPlus may have a utitlity to do this and expand the external primary key, etc..
Thank you, Ken!
Hi all,
Is there an easy way to increase the external key size on a direct/keyed file?  This file has only one external key.
In the screenshot below, the external key size is 20, how do we go about increasing this to 30, without having to create a new direct file and then copy records from current file.
Thank you!

I am getting an error #14 when running the sample code.. I have attached a screenshot showing the code, error and ping from the command line from Windows computer I am using to ping the server with IP address
the goal of the sample code above is to ping server with IP address and try go see if ping is able to get any responses from it...
Does this look ok?

0010 BEGIN
0020 OPEN (1,TIM=5,ERR=*NEXT)"[wdx][tcp];7"
0040 READ RECORD (1)A$
0050 PRINT A$
Hi Mike,
I was hoping to get some sample PVXPlus code showing how the ping command is executed via PXPlus and how to read results to determine if successful or not..
Hi all,
Does anyone know how to PING network devices using PvxPlus (latest version)?  We have used the following to see if a Windows server allows RDP, but this does not work on those servers which do not allow it..
We have used OPEN (chn, TIM=10, err=*next) "[tcp]IPaddress;tcp-portnum

Thank you!
Hi Mike,
How do we make sure our EZWeb Server is secure?  we are only allowing https, but don't know if there are ways to access the admin configuration section of it.. would like to make sure all holes (if any) are closed. In the document root (the parameter we added when starting the EZWeb Server on the RHEL Linux server) we have only the .pxp file.  My concern is that there might be some way to access the configuration of EZWeb Server by providing something else on the URL that I am not aware of.. 
Sorry for all the questions  :D
Thank you!!