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I'll run some tests. So far it seems pretty fast.
Thanks for heading me down the right track!
Thanks very much  for that very helpful answer.

I would appreciate hearing any further tips on implementation, and whether we can expect a significant performance issue to our files because they are encrypted?
Hi everyone,

We need to encrypt some of our frequently accessed data files. Some general advice would be great before I begin down the wrong path. In particular, I am wondering about the functional difference between the "REQUIRED FOR OPEN AND ON DATA" and "REQUIRED FOR WRITE AND ON DATA." I understand the "OPEN" idea, but then is no password required for OPEN and READ for the "WRITE" option?

Impact on performance is a big issue, so I'm wondering about reducing that. Is there an impact using the industry standard versus the native PVX encryption?

The principal file involved already uses a data dictionary for embedded i/o purposes (we record certain accesses to it). Is using the EIO functionality the preferred way to go?

Chris Flood