PxPlus 2021 Update 2 now available

Started by Mike King, January 11, 2022, 10:57:16 AM

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Mike King

PxPlus 2021 Update 2 is an update release that includes the enhancements below and a number of small fixes that have been developed since the initial update of PxPlus 2021.


  • Added support to the *BROWSER object to enable a "Find" hot-key that will open a Find dialog to search text on the displayed Web page

    • Also added a new Find button to the Enhanced IDE for searching text on the displayed IDE Web page
  • Ability to access the PVX Plus Helpdesk Support system from the menu in the Windows-based and Web-based IDE
  • New parameter for the *TOOLS/MAKEQRCODE utility to indicate the quality of the QR code to be returned
  • New allowScripts property added to the TinyMCE┬« object to allow editing of HTML with JavaScript
  • Improved the performance of the *plus/web/request when host returns "chunked" data
  • Addressed numeric overflows in the "*winapi;getdiskfreespace" routine on large drives
  • Resolved issue with spinner control when application clears input queue
  • Corrected OPEN TIM= setting on TCP connections to properly adhere to timeout value specified

Downloads are now available at https://home.pvxplus.com/pgsrvr.pvp?pg=dl_pxp1820
Mike King
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