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Started by martinp, December 13, 2023, 11:09:03 AM

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Hi, Is there an actual updater that updates windx itself on a clients machine from an older windx?  or is it only custom files such as static/dynamic pictures that is used for this auto updater?

"AutoUpdater to automatically check for and install critical patches/upgrades on all client workstations"

I see nothing in the documentation how this works?  Thanks

Thomas Bock

Take a look at the static download. You need to do some configuration.


Thanks but the static looks like more for fixed items not really updating WindX itself?

Does anyone make their own .exe to load pxplus onto the desktops?  I used to use Installshield and make a nice installer which makes the icon everything.  I guess with everyone moving to web based this is not as popular anymore.

Mike King

Assuming you just need the standard WindX plugin updated in the standard location you could have whatever version of WindX currently is installed download the desired WindX installer then run it.

By default each version installs in a different directory so you can install a newer version from any existing version. 

Now you would need to make sure the user knows you are doing this so they let the install take place and haven't disabled remote shell requests, although you might consider running the installer silently if you felt that worked better for your application.

Once installed have the old WindX change whatever desktop shortcut is used to launch WindX on the users workstation using

Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


I see for some reason I was thinking of exploding the entire "C:\PVX Plus Technologies\WindX Plugin-64 2023 Upd 1"  and creating my own source/installer.  But I see that's just going backywards, downloading your packaged .exe and then doing what you suggest may be easier.  Let me try a few things.

I found this thread here :

I just need to disable that security question people will pick wrong one!
I saw some notes on WDXTRUST

Ok let me try a few things,

Thanks Mike :)