Windx on a MAC

Started by michaelgreer, July 14, 2023, 09:25:19 AM

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Customer wishing to access their PxPlus application running on a windows server from their Mac.  Any ideas on solutions here.

Mike King

Assuming its an Intel Mac they should be able to run under Parallels (which I do) or possibly install Wine and run it there.

If the application is all GUI and developed using Nomads it may be possible to run it under iNomads however there are some limitations such as no local drive access and local code execution that are not available while running in a browser.

Now depending on the application and the portions they want to run you may find you can implement the required functionality using Webster+.   It supports running reports, charts, and queries using existing program/query definitions.  Also the file maintenance generator can generate screens for the Web both maintenance screens and queries.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting

Ron Klassen

What about the Macs with the Apple M chip? It seems like that is the direction they are going.


The only option we have for graphical application on M1 Macs is via a browser using iNomads or a PxPlus Web application. 

Text mode will run fine on an M1 system


One other option for an M1 -- they could use Microsoft's remote desktop to connect to a Windows machine which would run the application.  Technically the application won't be running on the Mac but from a user perspective they only need one machine on their desk.

We here use RDP to Windows machines on an M1 in the office and it works fine other than the mouse wheel is different (which is normal for a Mac).