EZWeb /ShutDown?xxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy not found

Started by pwhirley, January 29, 2022, 09:46:47 AM

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I'm running latest version of PVXPlus with both Pro and Wayfarer licenses, installed in separate folders.  I'm running the EZWeb server from the Wayfarer instance and it's all working well, except that I cannot use the ShutDown directive from a web browser. 
When I try
I get the response:
[font=courier]Not Found
The requested URL /ShutDown can not be provided by this server.

I've tried all sorts of variations with no success.  The documentation says to use the 8 digit serial number, but my serial numbers are all 6 digits, unless I use the SSN value, in which case they are much longer.  I get the feeling that I'm missing something.  Since EZWeb is being started in background from task scheduler, I cannot use the system tray to shut it down, so I end up have to kill the process on the server.

Thanks for any help!

- Phil
Philip Whirley
Freelance software developer
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Mike King

Make sure the value in task user matches the value of UID for the process running EZweb and that the serene is padded to eight digits.

Also if you have a space or other special character in the UID be sure you URL encode it.
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