*web/email stops when adding large attachments

Started by Patrick Willems, September 02, 2020, 01:55:08 AM

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Patrick Willems

Pxplus 9.10

Since a couple weeks regular but not always on one server we experience *web/email stops when attachments of +4Mb are added.

It just returns 3} and seems to be still in the email program.

When typing : RUN and enter , it continues and mail is send successfull.

Even one time i tried to type : . and enter it also continues and send it successfull.

Any idea what can be the reason ? I did replace the program email already from another server, but problem still there.


Patrick Willems
Cotrabel Software Development

mike motz

when doing emails, i'm old school, and have full control over the email being sent.
my testing & debugging notes are within the program.
see attachment for full program "email9" hope it helps someone...


When at the 3} prompt, can you enter PRINT PGN and PRINT TCB(5) ?