Has anyone tried Windx in a Windows 11 environment?

Started by Cedric, January 25, 2022, 09:21:16 AM

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I'm wondering if I should expect some issues if my users upgrade to Windows 11?  We use pvxplus version 17 or version 18...

There has been issues with COM objects (MsExcel) with pvxplus and Win10 while extracting data where it shuts down randomly without finishing the task.  PvxPLus was not able to find a fix for it, saying it was related to the memory management of Win10 (memory gets freed and some memory access violation occurs).  I know Win11 has considerable changes in memory management and thinking that it could help for that specific issue or worsen's it!

Mike King


Our records show that the last posting (March 2021) regarding the issue you were having with Excel indicated you found the issue and were going make a change to confirm your solution worked.  You never posted a follow up message indicating you were still encountering the problem thus we assumed you fix was successful.

If you are still having the issue please contact our support department for further assistance.

As for Windows 11, we have tested PxPlus 2021 and not run into any issues.
Mike King
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