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Started by martinp, December 21, 2020, 10:18:47 AM

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Hi, I am still noticing significant performance issues with the *winproc.rsz screen and *winproc.  I've seen this issue in all the PVX routines since version 5 and it's never been addressed.  In fact the performance is getting slower and slower as more features get added, which is both understandable but also concerning.

This is mostly due to having a panel that is resized on start up with the *winpnl functionality and an automatically 'maximized' window.  (There are a few other routines in *winproc that can help as well)

Removing the GOSUB CHECK_MANUAL_MANIPULATION almost doubles the speed right away which is a great improvement (if you do not need that functionality)

If you are testing this on a local network you will not experience this as bad however its slightly visible.

On an internet connection it is very apparent (even a fast low latency connection). 

With my panel example (Folder panel, automatically maximized via *winpnl)

Currently:  pxplus has an 8 second delay.
Currently:  pxplus with check_manual_manipulation removed:  4 seconds
Older PVX5.14:  My screens at a snappy 2 second delay.

This is easily reproduced on the simple client server.

Thinking forward, perhaps I can eliminate the maximize feature and redraw the screen at a higher resolution however it would be nice if the response/packets could be improved.  It's been many years and the problem is still there.

Thanks for your time.

Mike King

Make sure you are running with Turbo mode enabled (system parameter 'TU' enabled).  Generally it should be on when using Nomads.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


Thanks Mike, for commenting.  We are using the 'TU' turbo mode and I tried the new '+W' compression. 

PS.  I could prepare a video comparing the two performances if it would be of value.