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Started by Len Vassos, June 05, 2020, 01:14:10 PM

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Len Vassos

The IDE Launcher was enhanced in PxPlus 2020.   There are now two types of IDE Launchers available – standard and enhanced.  The standard launcher will continue work as it has in previous releases.  The enhanced launcher will provide additional capabilities and customization, such as adding tasks to a ribbon toolbar and adding web pages.

The enhanced launcher is made up of four distinct sections – Project, Tasks, Ribbon Toolbar, and Web Folder Tabs.

A. Project Section

Select the project you're working on from the drop box.  A new project can be created by using the Project menu.

B. Tasks Section

This section consists of three main components:

Menu Button - When selected will display all PxPlus tasks and utilities in a tree view
History Button - When selected will display all tasks that have been recently accessed
Project Button – When selected will display all tasks added to the selected project

All three components also have right-click capabilities and side buttons for additional functionality.

Switching Between Standard and Enhanced Launcher

Click the double arrow button located beside the Project button

C. Ribbon Toolbar Section

Up to 10 tasks can be added to the Ribbon toolbar.   There are several ways that this can be done. 

Adding a Task Using Toolbar button

1. Click the Toolbar button located beside the Project dropbox
2. When the dialog displays, enter a task ID or select one from the lookup
3. Enter the description
4. Enter the bitmap or use the lookup to select one
5. Use side buttons to change position of task or delete a task
6. OK to save

Adding a Task Using the Menu Tree View

1. Right click on menu item in the tree view and select Add to Toolbar
2. Click a task and drag to an empty spot on the Ribbon toolbar

D. Web Folder Tabs Section

This section can be used to add a website to the launcher.  Two tabs have already been created – Help and Support.

Adding a Website

1. Click the Folders button located just above the folder tabs
2. Enter the name of the folder tab or select from the dropdown arrow
3. Enter the URL of the website to be displayed
4. Use side buttons to change tab position or delete a tab
5. OK to save

Using Navigation Buttons

There are four navigation buttons that control the current website displayed

Home: Returns current website to home
Back: Moves the website one page back
Forward: Moves the website one page forward
Refresh: Refreshes the current website

Go to IDE Launcher to learn more.

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