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Author Topic: How to Create a Custom Title Bar in PxPlus 2017  (Read 2372 times)


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How to Create a Custom Title Bar in PxPlus 2017
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:56:33 PM »
The Custom Title Bar feature was first introduced in PxPlus 2017.  This enhancement allows you to design a title bar to help with branding and improved accessibility of your application.   The Custom Title bar can be used to replace or work in conjunction with the Windows title bar. 

Creating the Custom Title Bar

  • The easiest way to start is to make a copy of the PxPlus title bar – “Titlebarhdr” that is found in *win/scrnlib.en.
  • In NOMADS, call up the copied object, and make the appropriate changes by adding your logo,  color scheme, etc.  This is just a standards NOMADS dialog, so you can virtually add any type of control to satisfy your needs.   Note:   All controls on the title bar must be unique so that they do not conflict with your other screens.
  • If your title bar is going to replace the Window title bar, make sure you keep the Min, Max, Close buttons in place, if not they can be removed.   Note:  Do not change the control names of the Min, Max Close buttons.
  • The standard PxPlus title bar replaces the Windows title bar.   If you want to use the Window title bar, go to the Panel Header/Attributes  tab and change the Frame Style drop box to either Default or  Thick border with caption.
  • Once done you can now apply it to the rest of your application.
Applying the Custom Title Bar

There are a number of ways you can apply the title bar. You can apply custom title bars to:
  • All screens by using the NOMADS Property and add it to your Start_up.    %NOMADS’Titlebar$=”Mypanel,MyLibrary”.
  • Specific screen libraries by going to the Titlebar tab in Library Defaults.
  • Specific screens by going to the Titlebar tab in the Panel Header.
  • Multiple selected screen libraries and/or selected screens by using Library Bulk Edit.
Go to Custom Title Bars to learn more about this feature
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