Possible Nomads Variable Values

Started by steezware, July 24, 2023, 03:37:26 PM

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Is it documented anywhere what the possible values for Nomads variables can be? For example, I have seen that "L" in OBJ_STS$ indicates a multi-line control is Locked, but what are all the possible values for OBJ_STS? Guess it could be nice to know (or understand) that OBJ_HOTKEY$ is a timestamp sometimes (in the panel/lib default record) and that a numeric mask is stored in the OBJ_TXT$ field. Does a "#" in OBJ_STS$ for a multi-line indicate the 'numeric' option was selected?


While we prefer you don't change/alter these value outside of Nomads, the OBJ_STS$ variable contains what we will be setting in the OPT= when we create the control.

As such you can look up at https://manual.pvxplus.com what the various codes mean.  For example:


(The bookmarks labels #Marknn vary and are optional)


Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.  Only question I have is I thought # indicated a numeric multi-line, but that is not shown in the OPT= table.