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Jeffrey Ferreira:

when running an inomads application we have a routine that tries to open up *windev* to print to our document storage printer.
winprt.pvc pops up message "No Windows Printers Available"
i'm kind of new to inomads - is this an easy fix...


St├ęphane Devouard:

The usual way of running reports with iNomads is to output them to PDF on the server and then let the system push the final document to the browser.

There is no such thing as opening client-side printers with *windev* or *winprt*, only the server-side configured printers are accessible to iNomads.

Not knowing what your code is doing with *windev* makes it difficult to give you an idea if this is an easy fix, but migrating from Windows Desktop to iNomads and Web Browser often means some changes in your code base

Hope this helps

Jeffrey Ferreira:
Hi St├ęphane ,

Yes that does make sense.

The printer in question is a server side printer. It is just a print queue that we send index info to. So it will open this virtual printer  and print out:

Order Number: 100022
Order Date: 09/09/2020

and then we'll go out and create a folder in our Document Management System so that they can store any type of Document in there (electronic or scanned)

the thing is it works at a few other accounts from Inomads....

normally when this happens in our regualr application...all i have to do to fix it is sign in as that user and set the default printer on the network user something like this:

def object  ws,"WScript.Network"

but i can't do this in only choice has been to stop the printing to it ....


Mike King:
How were you accessing the printer pre-iNomads -- were you accessing it via a WindX connection with a Windows host?  If so then likely the *WINDEV* you were accessing was defined on the workstation and not on the host.  Given this, without WindX you need to configure the printer on the Windows server.

Of course this assumes the server is a Windows server.  If you were running on a Unix/Linux server using WindX then when you switch to iNomads there is no Windows involved thus no Windows spooler to handle the requests.

Jeffrey Ferreira:
Hello Mike,

From the Desktop Application we were accessing the Server Side printer via rdp (not Windx).



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