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Title: Likes and what they do
Post by: PxPlus on June 18, 2018, 11:44:42 AM
Likes are helpful for you and others to help narrow in on the best answer(s) when reading a topic. 

Liking a post helps identify good solutions since generally the post with the most likes will be considered the best answer/solution.

Likes are not fixed. If you decide later on that there was a better response, you can either like it as well and/or 'unlike' your original choice. 

To Like
After reading a posting on the forum, you have the option of letting others know if you believe this to be a good suggestion or a correct answer.

Using Likes
When reviewing a particular topic, at the top right hand side, you’ll see the total number of Likes found for this topic.

The answer with the most likes is not necessarily correct or the best solution to a problem, it is merely the answer that most forum members preferred.