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Convert NOMADS file to XML (need IOLIST)

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I am writing a utility to convert PVXPlus program and library files to text so that Beyond Compare (a compare utility from Scooter Software) can easily spot changes.  Converting the program to text is easy and done.  I've decided to convert the NOMADS library files to XML.  I can do this with made-up column names (i.e. Field1, Field2, etc), but I'd rather have the meaningful names that go with the columns.

Have any of you already written a conversion of NOMADS library files to XML that you'd be willing to share?

Where would I find the IOLIST for a NOMADS library file?

Thanks - Phil

P.S. I'll be happy to share my conversion program and the Beyond Compare configuration to anyone interested.  It's quite useful.

Loren Doornek:
Search for "IOL=" in *winproc.dsp.  It is most likely line 8010 that has the IOList.

8010 IOLIST _obj_nme$,_obj_c,_obj_l,_obj_w,_obj_h,_obj_type$,init_text$,init_val$,_obj_tab,_obj_def$,_obj_dsp$,_obj_fcs$,_obj_sel$,_obj_msg$,_obj_hlp$,_obj_attr$,_obj_idx$,_obj_hotkey$,_obj_qry$,_obj_sec$,_obj_sts$,_obj_grp$,_obj_null$,_obj_tag$,_obj_tbl$,_obj_inp$,_obj_out$,_obj_valid$,_obj_class$,_obj_tip$,_obj_orig$,_obj_font$,_obj_color$,_obj_listbox_type$,_obj_sep$,_obj_scratch$,_obj_popup$,_obj_sizing$,_obj_logic1$,_obj_logic2$,_obj_popup_logic$,_obj_qry_bitmap$,_obj_qry_width,_obj_qry_tip$,_obj_qry_attr$,_obj_extension$,_obj_demand$,_obj_demand_logic$,_obj_background_logic$,_obj_persistence$,_obj_notes$,_obj_tbl_len,_obj_tvline_color$,_obj_autosz_width$,_obj_autosz_height$,_obj_automation_text$,_obj_hilight_colors$,_obj_props$,_obj_visual_class$

Thanks Loren!  That looks familiar. - Phil

Mike King:
Actually you can get the IOLIST for the Nomads screen definition file from the Nomads object.

It can be accessed by IOL=%nomads'_lib_iol$

Stéphane Devouard:

When using the SVN interface from PxPlus, programs and Nomads libraries are converted to text when you commit changes to the repo. Each library becomes a folder and each Nomads object (panels, queries, file maintenance, menus) is converted to a text file.
The format of the exported file is not XML, it’s more like an INI file format
I believe the conversion program can be called. You’d need to explore the *plus/proj folder to find out.

Hope this helps


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