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Tool to update providex.ddf file to new version


Hello is there a tool to update providex.ddf to new version of pvx, or how to generate a new ddf with infomation of old file..


Jane Raymond:
When you run Data Dictionary Maintenance, there is an automatic check of the version of the providex.ddf and providex.dde files, and if they are out of date they are automatically updated to the current version you are running.

Wow great but can affect that datas on tables if app is access with old format or old definition....could affect? 

Jane Raymond:
This will depend on what you plan to do. If the dictionary files are updated to the current version, but you don't change any definitions, then there is no issue using them with previous versions.
If you do change some definitions, it will depend on the fields that you change. For example, the ddf file has added a FLAGS$ field to the end of the iolist, and the dde file has added an ORIGINATOR$ and ELEMENTTIP$ field to the end of the iolist. If you update a file definition in the current version using these fields, then modify the file again in the old version, you may lose the values in these fields.


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