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constantly visible scrollbar buttons


Thomas Bock:
With Windows 11 the scrollbar buttons are only visible, if the mouse hovers over them. This makes the buttons of a spinner control invisible. We like to have constantly visible scrollbars and/or buttons as it used to be. MS-Outlook shows it can be done.

Loren Doornek:
Looks like a Windows setting.  I don't have Windows 11, but try the setting below to see if it works.

Devon Austen:
PxPlus uses the standard Windows scrollbars. So how they look is largely up to Windows. With Windows 11 they seems to hide the arrows indicating the buttons unless you mouse over them.

A spinner control is just a multi-line with a scrollbar where you just see the buttons. If on Win 11 you only see the buttons when hovered over. I don't think the auto hide setting will have any effect as the scrollbar PxPlus generates for the spinner control aren't hidden it is only the arrows.

A quick look and it doesn't seem Windows 11 allows you to control this behavior of the standard scrollbar.

Something we are considering for a future version of PxPlus is to enhance the spinner control giving developers more control over how it looks. This would mean not using the standard windows scrollbar and getting this auto hide arrows behavior.


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