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An updated Eclipse Plugin

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It would be nice to have an update Eclipse plugin since the old one isn't compatible with the newer versions.  I think the latest compatible version is dated 2018 or 2019!

Stéphane Devouard:
… or a VS Code extension ;)


You can get the latest here:
Fred McGuirk at Sage is still keeping it up to date, and if things break with PvxPlus I get him to do a fix. He's made a bunch of changes in the past year, and it's getting stronger.

A VS Code implementation would be nice, perhaps someday I'll have to create one myself.

Stéphane Devouard:
Hi Gord

Long time no talk, hope you're doing well
Would definitely like a VSCode implementation as it is already my editor of choice for almost all non-PVX coding
Depending how such an extension is done, I could even contribute (I think I could still write some decent C# code...)

The Sage plugin doesn't work like it should... It does, but as a bunch of bugs... My colleague tried it and had to check all the programs to make sure it was compiling ok.  I believe one big issue was that it wasn't UTF8 compatible and was detecting the program as non PVX program since it wasn't recognizing some characters like "éàûêà, etc... " that may have been used in comments line.   We write comments mainly in french, so that happens a lot! ;) 

After it "detects" that the program ain't a PVX program, it markes it as an "archive ressource" and won't try to compile until you manually change it.

I think there was another issue where it wasn't recognizing the /* marker for comments.  I'm not 100% about that one though...  Anyway, maybe it was just a configuration issue at some point but we had lost too much time on it so just decided to revert to an older Eclipse version and use the original plugin which works perfectly fine on first try. 

We would also like to use VS since that's what we use for non pvx coding as well.


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