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certificate upgrade


a client put in a new certificate and our application now has problems launching.
Any ideas what the issue may be?

Mike King:
Not certain what you mean by a new "certificate" nor understand how a certificate would come into play with launching an application.

We would suggest you open a support ticket with us and provide additional details.

i assumed they were referring to their web site SSL Certificate.
But i agree with you, that our application launch should not be connected with any new certificate.

Mike King:
If they upgraded their SSL certificate and you attempt to connect to the server, if using an older PxPlus the protocols may not be compatible as some ciphers are no longer consider secure.

As for the launching, perhaps they also changed IP addresses of their server so if they are running WindX the shortcut may need a different IP number.

Apart from that updating a site certificate should have no direct impact to the operation of PxPlus and your application.


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