Error 15 occurred while connecting to Server: “” on Socket “12000"

Started by Patrick Denny, February 26, 2021, 04:24:36 PM

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Patrick Denny

Error (15) occurred while connecting to
Server: "" on Socket "12000"

Linux / Appserv / Windx

After spending several long hours trying to figure out what the "network connection" issue was (it wasn't)...

I found that the "../lib/_appserv/sessions.pvk" file was corrupted.
I launched PxPlus from the command line and rebuilt the file.
Problem solved!

# Login as root
umask 0
cd /pxplus/lib/_appserv
cp sessions.pvk sessions.bak

# start PXPlus from command line
REFILE "sessions.pvk"

Hope this helps someone if it happens to you.  Took too long to find the problem!

Mike King

We are curious what release you are running.  While its possible that something external to PxPlus caused the damage to the file, if you could advise what release you are running the problem may have already been addressed.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting

Patrick Denny

Apologies for not replying earlier.  Somehow didn't notice the follow up question.
This was on a V10 Windx E-Commerce license.