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Add ability to suppress locked background color of Locked grid cells


Often it may be desirable to use a Grid in lieu of a list box to display static information however when grid cells are locked (to prevent changes) the background color changes to light gray.

We would like a new property to be added to the grid that would allow us to control what the background color of locked cells would be with an option to be able to let locked cells background color be the same as an unlocked cell and thus respond to row highlights etc.

Isn't it already possible to set the color with 'BACKCOLOR$ ?

I second the wish.  Having to for/next loop through the rows to set alternate row highlighting is very slow; so slow that we cannot  do that on large grids.

Mike King:
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We plan is to use the number of Likes to help provide us guidance as to what people would like us to add to the language.  Topics/ideas that people add to this section will be reviewed and those with more Likes will more likely get considered.


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