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Google is not allowing to sign-in via Embedded Browsers


In April of 2019 Google for security purposes started preventing embedded browsers from being able to sign into Google accounts (source: Google is doing this to combat a form of phishing, known as “man in the middle” (MITM) which can be done through embedded browsers to steal users information.

This Google decision affects both the PxPlus *BROWSER embedded chromium browser object/control ( and the Shell.Explorer embedded browser COM control ( If you use an embedded browser control in your application the embedded browser will not be able to be used to sign in to any Google account. This affects all versions of PxPlus because the change is on the Google sign-in process side not in the application or embedded browser control.

If you need your application to bring the user to a Google service you can still have your PxPlus application launch the default system web browser and direct it to the Google service.
    SYSTEM_HELP url$

Google still allows standard system web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge to log into Google accounts it is only restricting embedded browsers from doing so.

Using the system web browser means the user will be taken away from your application and is a less integrated solution but it is more secure. If you need a more integrated solution that meets Google security standards your application will need to transition to using oAuth2 to login to Google accounts and the Google APIs to interact with the Google services. PxPlus provides an object *obj/oauth2 that can be used to help with the oAuth2 login process.


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