iPad device for remote support

Started by Sonia Cruz, April 11, 2023, 11:53:23 AM

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Sonia Cruz

Hello All!
What application do you recommend, if possible, for technical support via remote access with an iPAD to an application on a Linux server? Could it be possible through an iNomads license to enter the source code? What would be the requirements? Is there a compatible tool to transfer a file if necessary? 
I will appreciate your comments including if this is not a good alternative. 
Thank you in advance!
Sonia Cruz


Mike King

With our new release due out this May you should be able to run most any program from the PxPlus IDE using iNomads to a Linux or Windows host -- effectively allowing you to use any browser to support a client.

You will also be able to use Webster+ to edit programs using its Inspector capability.

Now all that being said and while an iPad will work, some things like text highlighting and file transferring are challenging when using a tablet device, it can be done, but I personally find getting the right touch screen gestures awkward.  A PC or at least a system with a keyboard such as a Chromebook are easier to use.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting
eMail: mike.king@bbsysco.com

Mike Hatfield

Great Mike, looking forward to trying this on the new release.

As an aside....If you are looking to support the linux platform in general, then ANYDESK is a good option if you don't have access to tools like Connectwise Screenconnect. Anydesk will run on all common platforms. It is free for 'personal' use. It is also the only support tool we have found that will give you mouse/keyboard support from windows to an Android/IOS tablet. For example, if you are running an application, telnet session or soon to be iNomads from a tablet to a PxPlus host.
Mike H