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Nomads / Re: Fonted text and solid fill Shapes
« Last post by Mike King on September 28, 2022, 04:46:40 PM »
The issue has to do with the order in which the items are rendered.  Generally items like text and shapes are rendered based on their position starting from the top left, proceeding left to right, top to bottom.

This means that text/shapes will be placed/drawn behind any control whose starting position is below or to the right on the same line.  For example a yellow rectangle that starts on line 5 column 10 will be drawn after (thus on top of) any other shape or text drawn above line 5 or on line 5 but to the left of column 10.

Now if you placed text at line 9.75 and you shape was on line 10, the shape would be drawn over the text making it appear to disappear. Its there, but just behind the shape.

Often we see people creating a block of text say 40 columns wide, 5 line high then try to place a colored rectangle around it.  To avoid the rectangle overlaying the text make sure the rectangles top left corner is placed before the starting position of the text block.  This will force the block to be drawn first.

Nomads / Fonted text and solid fill Shapes
« Last post by MikeinFL on September 28, 2022, 02:15:08 PM »
On a panel I will sometimes create a solid fill Shape with a light color and drag it over some fonted text, to create a highlighted section.  Not as background color of the text, but to highlight a section on the panel. I want fonted text to be visible if a solid fill shape is created on top of it.   

Usually, the fonted text, which was created before the solid fill shape is visible.  But sometimes the solid fill shape hides the fonted text.  Sometimes it does.  Sometimes it doesn't.  If ithe shape hides the text I will then make a new fonted text and move it over the shape, and often that works to make the fonted text visible on the shape area. 

Is there any attribute for fonted text that makes it always visible on a filled shape?  Am I not setting something?  Thanks

Programming / Re: Addressing an object
« Last post by Mike King on September 28, 2022, 11:14:24 AM »
Object handles, while they may be kept in an array must be referenced using a simple numeric variable.  You cannot access object properties/methods using a object handle in an array.
Programming / Addressing an object
« Last post by St├ęphane Devouard on September 28, 2022, 10:46:08 AM »

This code returns an error 29 on line 581

Code: [Select]
0580 IF XL[J]=0 THEN XL[J]=NEW("*obj/xml")
0581 XLIG=XL[J]'ADD_NODE("ligne")

I told the boss to change it to :

Code: [Select]
0580 if xl[j]=0 xd=new("*obj/xml"); xl[j]=xd else xd=xl[j]
0581 xlig=xd'add_node("ligne")

And it worked

Looks like this type of syntax
Code: [Select]
array[index]'some_method() While valid, is not supported by the parser or compiler

That being said, we are on a V16 with V15 license, maybe it has been fixed in a more recent version ?

Language / Re: Error 15 in *plus/web/request
« Last post by Devon Austen on September 27, 2022, 04:18:29 PM »
This is just a guess but it sounds like what you are trying to access for your original test is not accessible from your machine. I would check firewall and to make sure you are on the correct network to access the resouce.
Language / Re: Error 15 in *plus/web/request
« Last post by michaelgreer on September 27, 2022, 03:09:05 PM »
Thanks Devon.  I too can successfully make the call you used.  I get a lengthy response but it does indicate "tls-v1-2".

On my call I get:

[TCP][Sockets]Error[2]:No such file or directory (5:<Unk>)

I am able to make a successful call from my PC running windows 10 and using PxPlus v 19.00
Language / Re: Error 15 in *plus/web/request
« Last post by Devon Austen on September 27, 2022, 01:52:25 PM »
I just tested 12.50 on CentOS 6 and I could use

Code: [Select]
call "*plus/web/request","https://tls-v1-2.badssl.com:1012/","",result$,rhdr$
The rhdr$ result indicates it connected successfully via TLS 1.2.

Maybe the looking at the error message from the OS will help. When you get the error do a

Code: [Select]
print  MSG(-1)
Language / Error 15 in *plus/web/request
« Last post by michaelgreer on September 27, 2022, 12:23:36 PM »
I have a customer running pxplus 12.50 on linux.  Linux is set to support TLS 1.2.  On a call to request I get the open to the web site for the API I am trying to access, but when PxPlus tries to write the body (r$) I am getting an error 15.  Ideas?  Thanks!
Programming / Re: Record Expansion Factor
« Last post by Mike King on September 26, 2022, 04:09:03 PM »
Actually there is not a lot of magic involved.  All the utility does is reset the maximum record size for the file in the file header. 

That value is used to determine the program buffer size where the record is generated form the fields specified.
Web Services / Re: EZWeb Server
« Last post by Mike King on September 26, 2022, 04:07:21 PM »
Ah -- that explains it. EZWeb only supported iNomads up until v14. 

On v10.20 it was only provided as a solution to run iNomads applications.
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