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Webster Plus / Re: Problem with filling grid
June 21, 2022, 05:57:45 PM
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer! It is working now  :).
Webster Plus / Problem with filling grid
June 20, 2022, 04:48:03 PM

I am for the first time using Webster+ and have some problems to fill a grid.
I have followed the steps from the documentation but no grid is showing in the browser.

Showing in browser
[grid MyGrid program=MijnPaarden.pxp;MaakGrid size=auto/20]
(Error: No grid control file found in MyGrid or opened by program.

! MijnPaarden.pxp
LET paarden=UNT; OPEN (paarden,IOL=*)"paarden.dat"
LET MyGrid=UNT; OPEN (MyGrid,IOL=IOL(paarden))"*memory*"
SELECT * FROM paarden
WRITE (MyGrid)

[ttl]Mijn paarden[/ttl]

[form program=MijnPaarden.pxp]

[grid MyGrid program=MijnPaarden.pxp;MaakGrid size=auto/20]
[col source=Naam$ ttl="Naam" width=30]
[col source=Fokker$ ttl="Fokker" width=30]
[col source=Eigenaar$ ttl="Eigenaar" width=30]


I think it should work like this.