Simple CS Client on V17

Started by Mike Hatfield, May 01, 2021, 11:39:14 AM

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Mike Hatfield

We have been using Simple CS Host and Client since it was introduced.
However I simply cannot get it to work with V17
Windows Server 2016 and Windows server 2019.
On the Server 2016 we have V16 installed in ...HIT\pvx and the Simple Client service running..
We've installed V17 in ..HIT\pvx17 and cloned the application icons, stopped the V16 service, started the V17 host from the desktop and changed the start folders in the application start icons.
I see the client screen flash up on the desktop and it dies straight away.

On the Server 2019 we've installed V17 into ..HIT\pvx and setup the service and created the icons the same as our V16 server.
when I try to start the application I see the same client flash on the screen and the client dies.

I am thinking there is a difference in V17 from V16, but what....?

If I start the V17 host on the desktop from the Pxplus start menu I can start the simple client from the start menu.

Clearly I am missing something here, but what?


Mike H

Mike Hatfield

Hi all,

I worked it out.
V17 ini file was missing the IPV4 only line.
Mike H