Started by eldonfsr, March 14, 2022, 10:13:50 AM

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Well yesterday i was testing PVX nomads trying to create a panels and menu to call that panel but if you see and Task Definition some wrong
Mnu_options on combo box show complete different option
if i need to active a panel what i need to select.... if you follow instructions show there show error syntax error, no logic label...

Stéphane Devouard

Your message is not the clearest I've ever read here, so here are some pointers

When defining your menu items, you choose how to run the item :

  • CALL : will CALL the "program" or "program;label" you specify
  • LINK : will PROCESS the panel you specify. Either specify just the "panel" name if it is located in the same library, or "panel","library" if it is in a different library. PROCESSing a panel is doing a CALL behind the scenes to the Nomads runtime routine (*winproc), optionally passing up to 20 parameters to the panel
  • JUMPTO : will PROCESS the panel you specify. Same as above to specify "panel" or "panel","library". Only change is that all variables from the PROCESSing panel will be shared with the PROCESSed panel
  • PERFORM : will PERFORM the "program" or "program;label" you specify. PERFORM is basically a CALL that shares all variables between the CALLer and the CALLee
  • EXECUTE : will EXECUTE the ProvideX logic you specify. The logic can be a single or compound statement with semi-colons ( ;) between directives (as you would do in regular code)
  • MERGE-JUMPTO : same as a JUMPTO, excepted the PROCESSed panel is not modal (it does not disable the PROCESSing panel, they are both active at the same time)
  • HELP : displays the "help-file" you specify
  • END : closes the current panel
Hope this helps
Stéphane Devouard
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