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Started by Thomas Bock, November 29, 2023, 02:50:34 AM

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Thomas Bock

On customer sites we encounter temporary error 11 on ky$=key(channel,kno=0,end=*next). When we try to reproduce the errors on these systems then the errors are gone. A change to "err=*next" is no option, because that would hide a corrupted file.

What is the reason for these errors 11?


Can you show us the FIN(file,"FILE_CREATE") for that file ?

Thomas Bock

KEYED "BA_TEXT",[1:1:10]+[2:1:3],0,-256,BSZ=4,OPT="2",SEP=$8A$


TEXT_NR$ delimited 10
LFD_NR$ delimited 3
TEXT$ delimited 80

James Zukowski

This may have something to do with the file being built as an EFF file.
See EFF vs VLR File Formats for further details.
James Zukowski
Sr. Developer - J&E

Brand Industrial Services

Thomas Bock

Here is another one, which throws an error 11 every now and then without need.

KEYED "M50002",[1:1:1]+[1:2:8]+[1:10:4]+[1:21:20]+[1:14:7],[1:21:20]+[1:1:1]+[1:2:8]+[1:10:4],[1:41:3]+[1:44:10]+[1:21:20]+[1:1:1]+[1:2:8]+[1:10:4],[1:54:10],0,-512,BSZ=4,OPT="0",SEP=$8A$

It is a VLR file.