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Thin Client/WindX / Application generates error 005
« on: June 02, 2020, 11:44:26 AM »
I apologize preemptively for this but I have receive almost no help from the application developer and was hoping someone here may have some more insight into what is going on with this application.  First off they are running PxPlus-2017 Pro Version 14.00 on a Windows 2019 Server.  The application generates an error frequently when running specific reports.   

The program appears to generate error 005
and shows

Unlock Region Failure
Likely hardware/network issue

The report is apparently working with a very large amount of data but I see no errors on the server side to speak of regarding a read error or any other data problem.   the application developer basically has washed their hands of it and says it is a hardware problem which I might believe if the system showed any signs of other problems but it does not.  Any guidance or direction would be highly appreciated if it is even possible with that limited information.

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