Queries, Grids, & Folders (oh my)

Started by jdegrendele, November 30, 2020, 03:43:37 PM

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I have a standard query assigned to a cell within a grid and the grid is on the second of a series of folders on a panel.  The query is used to look up members by name.  Use this query all over our app, however this is the first time using it in a grid.  The query has "Auto Tab" turned on in the header.  Works well, however with the "Auto Tab" on the application moves to the next folder after returning from the query and associated "on change" cell logic.  When I turn "Auto Tab" off the program returns back to the original cell on the current folder.  I'm figuring the query logic is forcing my program to move along to the next control, however I need it to stay in the same control (grid / folder).  I'm good with turning off the "Auto Tab" and adding code to move along to the next column in the grid however I'm wondering if this is really necessary.