Nomads Library Key - Byte (13,1)

Started by steezware, September 07, 2023, 04:25:57 PM

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It's documented that bytes (13,4) of a Nomads record contain 0000 for a header record and then numeric values that approximate the location of a control on the window, and I also know of a few other characters that are used in the 13th byte of the key...

U : User-Defined CTLS
M : Menus
X : Grid settings

...but can somebody let me know (I'm just curious, don't really need to know) what Nomads records the following characters in (13,1) of the key represent...




Columns 13,4 are used to effectively sort the panel definition based on line/column so when drawing the controls get created from top left thru bottom right.  The logic basically converts the column / line to their standard numeric value ("00"->"99") or if they exceed 100 they are replaced with a hex value meaning the first byte  (13) will not exceed "F" as the lines number is not allowed to be greater than 255.

Other panel information such as grid presets, menus, etc will have values whose first character (byte 13) is above "F" and indicates the type of information.


That is exactly what I wrote in my post - 'values that approximate the location of a control' and that I know what U, M and X are ... my question was and is what specifically are the F, R, S, V and Y (13,1) 'types of information'?


You can find this in *winproc.dsp -- but basically.

F - Would indicate a control since F is a valid HEX character
R - Is for Drag/Drop logic
S - Substitute panels
V - Dependency tables
Y - Independent Cell/Row logic for Grids